Ayurved infertility Clinic (AIC)


Infertile patients Authenticity can be assured that they have approached to an authentic place of Ayurvedic expertise to treat infertility with 24 years success where as there are lots of unauthorized “Claimers” in India to come infertility from traditional care medicines (due to lack of regulatory lethargy and callousness) we at AIC provide qualified and experienced service.

Competitive Monetary Benefit
In comparison to modern medical approach to treat infertility the AIC’s rates comparatively are very very low.

It seems costly in the context of preconceived and very helped notions that Ayurvedic treatment in very cheep. According to that notiont is costlier. 

The Compassion
Dr. Bhatt has compassion to the problem and the agonized suffering couples. She herself had faced it.
She even does charity to poor infertility couples.

Dr. Bhatt always allows patients to get checked to any laboratory of the patient’s choice anywhere.

She refuses cleanly such patients where there is NO CHANGE of fertility i.e. where God has not given the apparatus to bear a child or faulty apparatus which cannot generate even a single sperm.

Success Rate
Dr. Bhatt proudly crowns a more than 80 percent success rate.

AIC has a granter of century old expertise in curing infertility by purely Ayurvedic medicines.

Dr. Bhatt only uses Ayurvedic medicines same of her own formulations Inherited from her father a Rasa Vaidya.
The AIC is the only infertility Clinic of Ayurved which is run by a specialist (Post Graduate) in the concerned subject (Gynecology-Strioga) of Ayurved and by female Ayurvedic doctor.

The AIC only treats infertility patients