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Dr (Mrs.) HARIKRISHNABEN BHATT’s parents are Vaidyas, her husband is a Hospital administrator in the Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar’s Institute of Post Graduate Teaching and Research (I.P.G.T. &R.A.), her younger sister is a M.D.(Ayurved) in Gynecology, her late brothers were too Ayurvedist ,one M.D.(Ayurved) and one B.A.M.S. Dr Bhatt has only son Mr. HAAREET , named after a great seer of Ayurved. He is perusing qualification in Ayurved.

Dr. Bhatt belongs to Vaidya (Ayurvedists) family she ha.s Ayurved in her blood in a true sense of Ayurvedic principles of compassion. A daughter of a Vaidya Rameshchandra vajeshankar Bhatt of Limdi-Gujarat. Sister of Ayurvedic brothers duo late Dr. Bharatram Bhatt and late Dr. Devdutt Bhatt, elder sister of famous Dr. Prathna Mehta (Ahmedabad bases Ayurvedists) famous Ayurvedic beauty therapist, Newspaper-columnist regular TV show presenter.

Dr. Bhatt is married to Dr. Dhanwantari Gaurishankar Pancholi, M.D.(Ayurved),Ph.D.,MBA(HospMgmt).He is first and (formerly) only expert in Health and Hospital Administration anywhere in Ayurved. Also an expert in quality care in Hospitals from NABH Hospitals, QCI, as a certified Principal Assessor.

Dr Ishan Mehta

Dr Ishan Mehta is a very prolific personality and a dynamic dedicated professional. After getting qualification and degree in Ayurved he started his own clinic in Ahmedabad. To keep the legacy intact of the Ayurved Infertility Clinic he is handling the Ahmedabad extension of the Clinic.

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