About aim

The "Ayurved INFERTILITY CLINIC" A.I.C. (the Ayurved Nissantan Upchar Kendra)
By Ayurvedic Approach Fertility problem of the nation is dealt in a way where only healthy off springs are produced best human offshoots are produced. Even best fertility is envisaged.
The AIC has to prove that the vision is possible, viable. The AIC has to convert the Ayurvedic principles of fertility into provable measurable evidence.

The AIC has to provide the infertility ailing society with a practical solution. The AIC has to provide educational tools for the society regarding infertility to empower it to face and efficiently deal with infertility and its related grave problems.

For 26 years the AIC is providing help to the infertile couples who experienced unsuccessful cures from the modern science and medical systems.

Where ever modern medicine having limits the Ayurved/AIC is trying to answer, actually it is asserting the medicine to overcome infertility issue.