Extension of the Ayurved infertility Clinic

She has started an extension of the Ayurved infertility Clinic in Ahmadabad just to facilitate the patients from other part of the country .Ahmedabad is in the center of Gujarat and the patients feel comfortable to access the services. Moreover the Ahmadabad is connected with International Airline Communication .she visits on the first Sunday of each month in her extension of the Ayurved infertility Clinic.

Adopting Modern Technology and Science

Dr Bhatt and her team is trying to extend the services of the Ayurved infertility Clinic. She is adopting Modern Technology and Science .The development of the website is the first step in this direction. She also aspires to develop an application on Android platform for the Ayurved infertility Clinic for clinical and other communication to and from the patients .To relay the Clinic's communications to the patients and to receive the reports and other information from the patient. a mobile application will be very useful for this vital communication, ensuring exact and instant communications resulting transparency ,authentic, retrievable, data management and many more applications.